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Where do I book my flights!?

Where Do I Book My Flights!?I'm writing this to inform you all on where online or in store I book my flights to ensure the best deal and best service. There are so many options these days so I'll let you know a few of my favourites 💗
Holiday Pirates and Jacks Flight Club:When looking for flights the first thing I tend to do is check out Holiday Pirates for special flight deals. I love this company they have some of the best deals I have seen! At the moment they have a deal for Amsterdam which is only £97 pp and this includes flights and hotel!? I'm slightly addicted to checking out their websites for the best new deals!
Jacks Flight Club are another company I really do love the idea of. They search and find the best flight deals from the UK to anywhere! Since signing up to their emails I have been sent flight deals for numerous places in U.S.A for less than £300, flight deals for Cuba and many more places. They are total wizards at this and I hold my hands up to them!

Don't Miss these top places to visit in Siquijor, Philippines

Don't Miss these Top places to visit in Siquijor, Philippines! Siquijor was my ultimate favourite island I visited, we head out every day we were there and explored the island. So here is a few of my favourite spots I visited when in Siquijor.
Cambugahay Falls:This place was possibly my favourite spot we visited when in Siquijor. It's such an insta famous spot and when visiting you can 100% tell why. There is 3 tiers to this waterfall and each tier is just as beautiful as the other. There is so many different Tarzan swings as this place which is another brilliant reason for you to visit, we paid 50 pesos for unlimited swings which equals to about £2 guys! Totally worth it. For one of the top tourists spots it wasn't actually that busy and we got there around 11am/12pm, So I wouldn't worry too much about crowds. We spent so much time here with all the locals who are super helpful and friendly.

Lugnason Falls: Another favourite waterfall of mine, Lugnason Falls. This water…

My Thailand experience with Intro Travel

My Thailand Experience with Intro Travel When booking my trip to South East Asia for 4 months, I knew booking a tour for when I first arrived would be a brilliant idea to meet like minded people and settle in to the Asian lifestyle.  Intro Travel just seemed like the perfect option, they've been operating for over 10 years and have won awards for their tours! So when reading about the Thaintro tour, 9 fun filled days in Thailand with the intro travel gang? I couldn't say no!
My Thailand ExperienceDay 1: Arrive and Meet the Group I actually arrived in Bangkok a few days earlier than when the tour was starting. Intro Travel arranged prior to my travels accommodation for the extra time I would be spending there and also organised pick up from the airport so we didn't have to worry once we touched down in Thailand.
We were given our own space to basically get over our jet lag and adapt to the Thai lifestyle! After a couple of days it was finally the start date of the tour! We a…

Things to take travelling checklist

Things to take travelling- my check list!

I've put together my travel checklist for you guys to make sure you don't leave anything behind on your upcoming trip! Some are necessities and some are trip dependant, hope this helps guys!
What to pack:Universal Adapter:
You definitely don't want to leave without one of these! They are so handy, you can charge multiple items using the one adapter- backpackers dream!

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Power Bank:
Now, I totally forgot to pack one of these but everyday I wish I had. I highly recommend getting one of these. I used my phone as maps and the last thing you want is your phone running out of battery and being stuck not knowing how to get back to your hostel. Also these are perfect for Go Pros if you are videoing a lot!
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Go Pro:
 I took my Go Pro everywhere with me! I love it so much and now take it travelling wherever I go. It is so handy for wide angled pictures, time lapse and of  course underwater photography!
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A ca…

Backpacking Guide to Bali!

Backpacking Guide to Bali!
Bali has always been on top of my bucket list, so as you can imagine I was super excited to visit at the end of our trip. Bali did not disappoint in any way. Bali is such a beautiful place and so rich with culture. If you are a first time visitor to Bali like I was there is so much that will surprise and delight.  
Top Tips for Backpacking Bali!Main Airport:
The Main airport you fly into for Bali will be Ngurah Rai International airport. This airport is situated south of Denpasar. 
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Visas: More than 140 countries can receive a free 30 day Visa on arrival into Bali. The UK is one of these countries. To find out if your one of these countries and for further information click here
Now if your on a strict budget when visiting Bali... do not fear! Bali was our least expensive place we visited in South East Asia! Honestly between the two of us we were surviving on no more than £25 a day! This included, Accommodation, Food, Act…

Kuala Lumpur Backpacking Travel Guide

Ultimate Guide for Backpacking Kuala Lumpur!
Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. A city made up of gleaming sky scrapers, outstanding architecture, the friendliest locals and of course Kuala Lumpur oozes with culture. 

Kuala Lumpur was the place I was very excited to visit because I don't think I knew what to expect from it! I had heard that Kuala Lumpur can be expensive, However when travelling round the city you can 100% budget in this city, you can live off a backpackers budget. It just takes a little bit more effort.
Main Airport:
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). This airport is huge, resembles a shopping mall. While travelling around South East Asia and flying you will find a lot of flights have stop overs here. I personally have slept over night in this airport! I can vouch for them,the floor is quite comfortable 👍
Malaysian Ringgit.
British nationals don’t need a visa to visit Malaysia. You will normally be…