Don't Miss these top places to visit in Siquijor, Philippines

Don't Miss these Top places to visit in Siquijor, Philippines!

Siquijor was my ultimate favourite island I visited, we head out every day we were there and explored the island. So here is a few of my favourite spots I visited when in Siquijor.

Cambugahay Falls:

This place was possibly my favourite spot we visited when in Siquijor. It's such an insta famous spot and when visiting you can 100% tell why. There is 3 tiers to this waterfall and each tier is just as beautiful as the other. There is so many different Tarzan swings as this place which is another brilliant reason for you to visit, we paid 50 pesos for unlimited swings which equals to about £2 guys! Totally worth it. For one of the top tourists spots it wasn't actually that busy and we got there around 11am/12pm, So I wouldn't worry too much about crowds. We spent so much time here with all the locals who are super helpful and friendly.

Lugnason Falls:

Another favourite waterfall of mine, Lugnason Falls. This waterfall is hidden amongst the Jungle Life. When we arrived there were the local lads ready to show us the way down through the jungle to reach the waterfall. Such a cool spot, a lot less touristy but just as beautiful as Cambugahay Falls. I could of spent hours at this waterfall just watching the dare devil locals jumping from VERY high trees and also jumping off the top of the waterfall into the pool of water.

Old Enchanted Balete Tree:

The Enchanted Balete Tree is of course a tree, it is 400 years old and locals strongly believe that this tree is Enchanted! The tree has fresh water where we sat and dipped our feet in. When we dipped out feet in, lots of tiny little fish came and nibbled our feet! I'd advise you go its such a pretty place and who doesn't want their feet nibbled by fish!?

Paliton Beach:

Paliton Beach is a hot spot for tourists with it being so close to the main tourist area San Juan a lot of people pay this place a visit. It is meant to be amazing for Sunset, unfortunately for us it was an extremely cloudy day when we visited so didn't witness the magical paliton sunset. I have seen photographic evidence of some of the sunsets at this place and strongly advice you head down there.

Salagdoong Beach:

This beach is a beautiful man made beach and is high up on the tourist hot spots! If you're heading there from San Juan like us it is a pretty long ride so prepare for that, it is worth the drive! It will cost you guys to get in, 80 pesos each so around £3 each, not bad!

There is lots of things to do here, you can cliff jump with an option of two heights and there is also a slide that heads straight into the water, so cool. You also have the options of snorkelling here. Salagdoong do have accommodation options here and a onsite restaurant!

Monkey Business:

Now, our accommodation was with the brand new Monkey Business Bungalows, one of the coolest rooms I've stayed in. We loved the room and they were super helpful with sorting everything out including a bike for the whole time we were there. Monkey Business is also one of the if not the most popular restaurants on the island. Every night this place is super busy serving the best food including their famous monkey chips, lots of drinks and live music. The atmosphere is just amazing in this place, you have to visit when your in Siquijor. 

If your visiting Siquijor any time soon I hope this is helpful and hope you love Siquijor as much as I did!



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