Where do I book my flights!?

Where Do I Book My Flights!?

I'm writing this to inform you all on where online or in store I book my flights to ensure the best deal and best service. There are so many options these days so I'll let you know a few of my favourites 💗

Holiday Pirates and Jacks Flight Club:

When looking for flights the first thing I tend to do is check out Holiday Pirates for special flight deals. I love this company they have some of the best deals I have seen! At the moment they have a deal for Amsterdam which is only £97 pp and this includes flights and hotel!? I'm slightly addicted to checking out their websites for the best new deals!

Jacks Flight Club are another company I really do love the idea of. They search and find the best flight deals from the UK to anywhere! Since signing up to their emails I have been sent flight deals for numerous places in U.S.A for less than £300, flight deals for Cuba and many more places. They are total wizards at this and I hold my hands up to them!

STA Travel:

STA Travel are a fantastic company with such a great reputation. They're experts in Student, youth and adventure travel. I recently got back from a 4 month trip around South East Asia and actually booked my flights through STA Travel. They sorted it for me so I flew into Bangkok but returned home from Bali and it was so simple and hassle free.

The main reason I love STA Travel and will always recommend people to book through them if they are leaving home for a long time is that they do purchase a "Multi Flex Pass" Which means depending what price you pay extra for it, you can have up to 3 flight changes or unlimited changes to your flight. Multi Flex covers all STA and airline date change fees, the only thing we did have to pay for was if when changing the flight it's more expensive you must pay the fare difference! I mean when I say we had to pay the difference it was £5 each. Didn't really break the bank account! I cannot recommend purchasing this more, we used ours twice to extend our trip a little bit longer, Money well spent.


You can always count on Skyscanner to find you the cheapest flights to the destination your looking for. Honestly I've never been let down by Skyscanner and I love when looking at flight dates you can put the whole month in so you can check out the cheapest dates to travel on, that is a winner for me I just think it's pure genius.

Google Flights:

Google Flights wasn't always my first option and I don't know why I used to always forget about it, it's such a great site to find your cheapest flights to different destinations. Google Flights doesn't let you search for dates to travel by month however it does have a brilliant map feature on it where when searching for a certain place,for example Lisbon the map then shows prices of flights on those dates for different places all over Europe. So I suppose if you are looking to book anywhere and don't have a place in mind, Google Flights is the guy for you!

Kenwood Travel:

Kenwood Travel are the company who I have booked with in the passed for New York at Christmas time. I enjoy booking my flights with this company as you can secure the flights with a low deposit of £100. Once you process the booking they then have to ring you to confirm the booking, I have had problems in the past where they ring up and that flight isn't available anymore. So all I would say is be wary when booking your flights not to get excited until they ring back and confirm flight details and times. 

Independent Airline websites:

My last tip would be that when looking at flights before booking with different websites always return back to the actual Airlines website for example "Virgin Atlantic". I have done this before and actually got a better deal as they have had summer sales on or it is just simply a better deal to go directly through them!

I hope all of this has been helpful and if you need to ask any more questions leave a comment below or find me on Instagram @adventureswithgail



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