3 days in Paris!

3 days in Paris!

I recently returned home from a 3 day trip to Paris, the trip was amazing and everything I could have asked for. Paris is a truly beautiful city.

We started our trip flying from my home town Liverpool on a unbelievably short flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. We were literally flying for around 40 minutes tops. 

If you are travelling to Paris any time soon Charles de Gaulle airport is huge! We had booked our holiday through Wowcher which meant brilliantly we were staying at a Disney Hotel!! The easiest way to get to Disney from the airport is when you've got through border control follow signs for the TGV train. These signs will take you straight to the train station within the airport... yes the place is huge you could get lost very easily and it would be a brilliant place for a decent game of hide and seek.

Now. We attempted to buy tickets for the TGV train and failed miserably. We ended up on the RER which wasn't a problem at all it just took us slightly longer and we also had to cross over at a different station. If you are wanting to use the TGV there are lots of people around to ask to help you find your tickets, it is a little bit more expensive but it gets you there within something stupid like 10 minutes! If you are like me and fail with the RER get on the B line to the stop Chatelet Les Halles. Here you will cross over to the A line and you will stay on this train until the last stop Marne-la-Vallée, aka Disney Land Paris. This journey cost around 18 euros each.

Now as I said we booked our package through Wowcher and I couldn't have been happier with the process. It was made so easy they even emailed us over our boarding passes with seats, this saved us another job. Their service was great, they explained to us when arriving at the train station what Disney shuttle we had to get to take us to our amazing Hotel- The Vienna Dream Castle. Again couldn't fault the hotel at all. The grounds of this place were huge and so pretty, check out a few pictures of it below.

Once checked in to our hotel we changed our tops as it was 26 degrees in the middle of October!? Sunglasses on we headed back to the train station to head into Paris because I was desperate to find the Eiffel Tower and eat some traditional french crepes. TIP: Do not get the train into Paris at rush hour, pretty obvious tip I know but seriously don't do it. We were packed like sardines and there was lots of bodily odour going around. Also guys, they have double Decker trains!

We got the train to the stop Trocadero.  This isn't the stop closest to the Eiffel Tower but it does take you to the gardens were I promise you will get amazing views and some insane Instagram worthy pictures. I was taken away by how beautiful the Eiffel Tower was, so simple but so beautiful. 

Once we had finished admiring the very famous landmark we head to our pre booked boat tour which was a bargain £10.50!! The boat took us all the way down The River Seine pointing out all famous landmarks in Paris such as Notre Dame. The boat tour was so beautiful, I'm glad we went on our boat tour the time we did as once the sun went down everything looked so different but so beautiful, especially the Eiffel Tower as it twinkled for 5 minutes every hour.

We ate our Tea gazing at the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed a good tasty traditional Crepe before heading back to our hotel to plan our day at Disney Land Paris the next day!!

Disney Land Paris!!

Disney Land for a full day, could I contain my excitement!? I got my Mickey Mouse T shirt out and head for breakfast. We filled up on lots of pastries ready for a day full of fun. As we stayed in a Disney Hotel we literally just had to wait outside and our shuttle bus turned up, you would never be waiting longer than 10 minutes for a shuttle. It also only took 10 minutes to get us from the hotel to Disney. 

We got ourselves a 1 day, 2 park ticket for Disney which cost £59. We started our day in "Walt Disney Studios Park" this is the park which has my ultimate favourite ride The Tower of Terror! It also has rides such as Rocking Roller Coaster, Armageddon and Toy Story rides. Waiting times weren't bad at all, we headed straight for Tower of Terror for a fast pass because this was the longest queue, then the rest we simply queued for no longer than 30 minutes. 

Once we had boxed this park off we walked over to "Disney Land Park"and this is when I really did feel like I was in Disney! As you walk through the park the first thing you see is Sleeping Beauty's castle, which is insane!

This park is definitely the bigger of the two and has so many rides, with only on fast pass at a time choose that fast pass wisely. We went on rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Light Year ( I advise you use fast pass for this, its an Oldie but a Goldie), Its a small world of course and many more. There is a really positive magical vibe in this park and I would literally live there if I had the choice.

Make sure you take time to check out the Disney Parades they are phenomenal and this time of the year really give you that Autumnal feel. All characters are dotted around the park, some are shown on the map such as Mickey and Mini! We spent the day at Disney from 10am- 8pm and didn't once find ourselves bored or looking for something extra to do.

Now spending a day in Disney due to not getting all rides done and A favourite of ours Big Thunder Mountain being broke we decided to visit Disney the next day as well before our flight home! We spoke to a lady who priced our upgraded ticket unfortunately at the wrong price so when going to pay for the upgrade we were really upset and worried we wouldn't be able to visit again the next day as it was just far too expensive and a huge difference in the price we had been told. Thankfully a lady named Dianna who worked in the city hall took on our problem as if it was her own. She really looked after us and made it possible for us to visit the next day. Dianna was really helpful in explaining how much we had to pay and done everything she could in order for us to return and enjoy our day. Not only that she then gave us a voucher for 2 free ice creams or beverage whilst watching the Illuminations. Excellent service from Disney again which really needs to be recognised. 

Once our problem was sorted we headed into the crowds to await the amazing Disney Illuminations. I had heard and seen a lot about these illuminations sponsored by Pandora so I had high hopes and I can honestly say hand on heart I was not disappointed. It was everything I expected and more. I loved every second of it, A lot of it took me back to my child hood which was simply amazing 💗 You have to wait around in the park or come back just too see the Illuminations. 

Our last day in Paris!!

The last day of holiday is always a bad time. However I woke up with a bitter sweet feeling, I was heading home later but before that I was heading back to Disney for a super magical last day. I slid on my mini mouse ears and head off to my favourite place in the world!

We had our upgraded ticket thanks to Dianna and head to Disney land park which has the main sleeping beauty castle in. We rushed straight towards Big Thunder Mountain which apparently only had a 15 minute wait however we did wait half an hour but hey i'm not complaining it was 100% worth the wait. We also got on rides such as Hyperspace mountain (so sick.) and Peter Pan which is so cute!

We checked out another parade they had whilst eating the most delicious Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Of course to finish our ultimate Disney day we head to the Disney Christmas shop, purchased a few baubles it would be rude not too. Also bought all the Disney merch possible in the world of Disney.

Guys if you are ever in The Disney Village do yourselves a favour head straight to the Earl of Sandwich and get the meatball sub. Delicious.

That was our trip to Paris/ Disneyland Paris. Such an amazing fun filled few days, I'm currently fighting every urge not too re book for Christmas time. Wowcher hit me up if you've got some of your amazing deals again 🤣

Hope you've enjoyed reading guys, check out some more of my travel pics on @adventureswithgail



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