Survival Tips for Long Haul Flights in Economy Class

How to Survive a long haul flight in Economy class!?

Now guys lets be honest Business class and first class flights aren't always realistic.. well to be honest I have never upgraded any of my flights! However Economy flights aren't always the comfiest especially if your flying for 12 hrs plus! 

So here are a few of my tips to help you endure that long dreaded flight!

1. Neck Pillow

A neck pillow for me on long haul flights or even your short 2 hour flights are a must! Comfort is key, if your not comfortable you wont settle and that is not good! Neck pillows are perfect for when watching films on the plane and they really do help me when resting my head to sleep. PLEASE buy your neck pillow anywhere but the airport it would cost you a small fortune!

2. Chewing gum

When shopping for essentials for my flight chewing gum always sits near the top of my list. I can't remember the last time I took off on a flight without my chewing gum helping me out. Chewing gum can help relieve pressure on your ears when taking off and landing which means you don't have to be partially death for half your flight. Boiled sweets also are great for this.

3. Cleanser and Hydrating face mask:

Now on a long haul flight your looking at 9-12 hrs sitting on a plane, that is a long time sitting in a small space with recycled air and all other passengers germs. It is nice to freshen your skin up by cleansing it and placing an amazing hydrating face mask on your skin as flights can really dry your skin out. My favourites are the Clinique cleansing balm and the Glam Glow Thirsty mud mask as this can also be used as a lip balm! Please remember to not take items that are over 100 ml as they will be taken off you. 


Those who know me well will know that I wont even leave the house to go shopping with out snacks never mind a 12 hr flight!! Snacks are essential and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. I am not a huge fan of plane food (except virgin I will eat their food) So I do tend to buy a sandwich and take it with me. Snacking cures boredom and who doesn't want a few snacks while watching films. 

5. Empty water bottle

An Empty water bottle is a really good way of saving money. Take your empty bottle through customs and use a water fountain to fill it up. If there aren't any fountains ask a nice restaurant to fill it for you. I use the hydratem8 bottles which you can't go wrong with! 

6.  Big comfy jumper

I've said it once and I'll say it again comfort on long haul flights is key. Now I am a person who wore slipper socks in Orlando, Florida, however I am sure you will agree once you take off planes can be pretty cold so a big comfy jumper is perfect to keep you warm and get snug. I am not ashamed to say I also take my slipper socks to slip on, the best decision you will make!

7.  Ear Phones:

Taking your own ear phones will be a life saver. Most flights do provide ear phones for when watching films I'm not ungrateful but they're not the best quality! If you do have the new apple ear phones the connection is the wrong one for flights make sure you buy a connector for this!

What do you do to survive your long haul flights!? Leave a comment below or give me a follow on my Instagram: @Adventureswithgail

Thanks for reading guys 
Abigail xx 


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