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Bonfire Cupcakes

My Bonfire Cupcakes!
My bonfire cupcakes are super easy to make but super tasty! They look super effective and would be perfect for a fireworks and bonfire night get together, which is exactly why I have made them!
I will be making chocolate sponge cake which will be perfect for decorating! If your not a huge fan of chocolate that's fine just skip that step!
This mixture should make 12 cupcakes.
For the sponge:

self raising flour- 80gsugar- 100gMargarine- 100g2 EggsChocolate powder- 20gCupcake cases

For the Butter Cream you will need:
unsalted butter- 100gIcing Sugar- 200g
Orange food colouring (until you get the correct colour you're looking for)Vanilla Essence- 2/3 drops.
For Decoration:
Match Makers. I used salted caramel ones but any flavour will do!fudge pieces
Method to make sponge: Now, before beginning to make the mixture make sure you preheat your oven to 190°C.
This is the easy part grab your scales. Measure everything out, crack those eggs in to your mixing bowl and get mixi…