Hey Guys, whats up and thanks for taking time to check my blog out!

My full title is Abigail Toller, known as Abi or by a few "Gail". So yes this is where my blog and Instagram name has came from- "Adventures With Gail".

This is my tiny part of the web where I get the chance to share my adventures with you on a personal level and share my travel tips that I have picked up a long the way. If you are new to my journey, welcome aboard and I am here to hopefully inspire you!

I have grown up as a city girl in the best city of them all (yes I am biased) Liverpool! Growing up I always loved travel and loved the adventure of it all. I soon realised I was not made to stay in the one place all my life. After meeting Jake (my boyfriend) we both had a passion for travel. We quit our jobs and now want to put all our passion into exploring the world.

Jake is a huge photography fan and is bloody well good at it check his insta out guys @_nugent94. So as well as Jake taking some extremely cool photos we love meeting new people and getting to know different cultures around the world.

I am a young girl with a passion to succeed in my huge dreams and on a pursuit for true happiness travelling the world. My passion is to travel while inspiring others and sharing all my tricks and tips with you first time travellers or experienced ones if you need the help!

 So please keep reading my blogs, stay updated guys and join me on this crazy journey! I hope one day ill catch some of you on the road!

Speak soon.



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